Certificate Graphic Designs

Many individuals who seek to gain a leg up on competition in the workforce opt to complete a certificate. Professional certificates are offered at many colleges, universities and other educational institutions and can often be completed within a year or less.


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What is a Certificate in Graphic Design? This program centers on the study of the technologies, philosophies and principles of visual and graphic design. Students can learn the fundamentals of display graphics, and learn to further appreciate the cultural values of the visual arts. Some of the courses that may be offered include product presentation, marketing, decorative arts, digital media, three-dimensional studies, print media, photography and portfolio development.

One of the many advantages of earning Certificate in Graphic Design is that it can broaden your knowledge of the design industry and it can enhance or teach you art-related skills. At some companies, earning a professional certificate can help you achieve a higher salary or wage. Upon completion of this program, students can be more prepared for a career in the visual, design or fine arts industries.

The tuition fees and program duration will vary depending on the field of study, institution and the country in which the school is located. Interested students should contact the school directly to find out if the program is a good fit and for more information.

Graphic designers are often in high demand at various institutions. Graduates of the program can find suitable employment in private or public sectors at both large and small enterprises. Other than becoming a graphic designer, some possible job positions include layout editor or page designer for a newspaper or magazine, book cover designer, and marketing or creative director. With continued higher education, individuals can teach art and design at a college, university or school district.

At most institutions, courses are offered part time, full time and online for more schedule flexibility. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.